Hello, wanderer! My name’s Aaron and I have many, many comics. Before you pshaw at me, when I say “many,” I mean close to 100,000.

No, really.

I have acquired these over the last 20 years of collecting and, at some point, I got WAY behind reading them. Make no mistake, comics are for reading, and that is my goal. They vary in age, from Golden to Modern. I’m very much a completionist, though not a rich one.

My friends and loved ones have suggested I keep a blog of my thoughts on the comics (and occasional manga) I read and this is the first step. I have some rare ones, so if I say I have a particular comic, it’s never to brag, it’s just matter of fact.

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, whatever. I tend to retain comics (in memory) oddly well and I’m not usually a jerk.



To start things off, I’m catching up on Jonah Hex. I have all of them, from All-Star Western to… umm, All-Star Western. I’m a huge Hex fan and I think what I find so astonishing is that the bronze age comics read beautifully. Don’t get me wrong, there are bits of “shore” rather than “sure” (and the like), but the art is great and it reads at least as well as the newer books.

While I do love Jonah, I’m also a big fan of the other features of All-Star Western, from Bat Lash to Outlaw to El Diablo (!!). Gray Morrow’s art on El Diablo is particularly stunning, moreso from its age.FullSizeRenderSeriously, this was drawn in the 70’s and it is, by my standards, at least, bangin’.


I’m here and always happy to chat, argue, what-have-you. We’ll talk soon.


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